Call our office at 770-251-2000 for an appointment or urgent questions.  Don't be discouraged if the staff is not able to answer your call immediately.  If that happens, please leave a detailed message and we will get back with you.

Patient Portal 

Once established with our office you may use our patient portal system online.

We are in the start up phase of the portal use and are primarily using it for labs.  As we further advance you will be able to request prescription refills, follow up on lab work, and address insurance or billing issues.  If you have not received an invitation from us to join the patient portal system, you can call us so we can get an updated email address from you.

If you have an urgent problem or need a same-day appointment or a same-day response to your issue, please call us instead.

Your messages to us 

When using our patient portal or our voicemail system please make sure to describe your question or concern and be as specific as possible.  Also, please give us the following information about yourself:

 - Your full name
 - Your date of birth
 - A phone number where we can reach you today
 - Your question or message
 - If a medication is involved please list the name and dosage and how often you take it. Don't forget to tell us which pharmacy you want to use including the name and street it is located.